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up in me. I said,"Thank God I've found you. What is happening?

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"No money for her own personal wants!" exclaimed Mr. Carlyle.

up in me. I said,

"Not a halfpenny in the world. And there are no funds, and will be none, that I can see, for her to draw upon."

up in me. I said,

"Quite correct, my lord," nodded Mr. Warburton. "The entailed estates go to you, and what trifling matter of personal property may be left the creditors will take care of."

up in me. I said,

"I understand East Lynne is yours," cried the earl, turning sharply upon Mr. Carlyle; "Isabel has just said so."

"It is," was the reply. "It became mine last June. I believe his lordship kept the fact a close secret."

"He was obliged to keep it a secret," interposed Mr. Warburton, addressing Lord Mount Severn, "for not a stiver of the purchase money could he have fingered had it got wind. Except ourselves and Mr. Carlyle's agents, the fact was made known to none."

"It is strange, sir, that you could not urge the claims of his child upon the earl," rejoined the new peer to Mr. Warburton, his tone one of harsh reproof. "You were in his confidence; you knew the state of his affairs; it was in your line of duty to do it."

"Knowing the state of his affairs, my lord, we knew how useless the urging it would be," returned Mr. Warburton. "Your lordship has but a faint idea of the burdens Lord Mount Severn had upon him. The interest alone upon his debts was frightful--and the deuce's own work it was to get it. Not to speak of the kites he let loose; he would fly them, and nothing could stop him; and they had to be provided for."